Add Value To Your Training Packages Using Our New Workout Insights Feature!

TWM Pro will be updated soon, and it will include a new workout insights feature that you can use to help make your training packages super-personalized, effective, and valuable.

Click the link below to learn more about it, and look out for the notification to update your app so you can start using it to provide a highly curated fitness experience in your top-level training packages.

Have questions? Message Marci!

Offer Your Clients More Value With Our New Scheduling Tool

Want to improve your workflow at the same time you offer your clients more value from their TrainWithMe subscriptions?

We've got ideas for you! Press play for more.

Update Your App For The Feature You've Asked About!

Two things:

(1) There is a new version of TWM Pro available in the app store, so if you haven't updated your app, make sure to do that.

(2) Our newest update has a very useful scheduling feature! For all the details you need about HOW and WHY to use it, check out the website linked below.

Update Your App To Use This New Feature

We've got updates!

Make sure to go to the app store to update TWM Pro so you can use one of our newest features, special requests for body weight tracking.

It makes it easier than ever to track clients' progress and drive success!

Sales Brainstorm: Make It Easy for Clients to Buy New Plans

Did you know that you can offer new plans to existing clients directly in their timelines?

It's perfect for when a client needs to renew a training plan, or if you want to offer additional services, like nutritional support, stretching or pain management plans, group challenges, or optional educational content.

Need help brainstorming ways to use this feature? Email

New App Updates Your Clients Want to Know About

Our enhanced exercise preview feature makes it easier than ever for clients to see and hear your cues about proper form BEFORE they begin an exercise.

Watch the demo, and send an audio message telling your clients it's time to go to the App Store and update to the newest version of TrainWithMe. It's always great to touch base with your clients each day, and it's even better when you get to tell them about an upgrade!

Uploading YouTube Exercises to Your Exercise Library

Would you like to upload your YouTube exercise demonstrations to your TrainWithMe exercise library? It's a real time saver if you're already recorded YouTube videos and you want to populate your exercise library quickly.

Watch the demo video to see how it's done using the TWM Pro trainer app.

How to Use Our Client Support Website

You may have noticed that we shared a link to a client support website, but are you using it?

If not, listen in for some ideas on how you can use the site to can save yourself time and provide a top notch client experience!

Enable This Feature, Improve Your Workflow

The newest version of the TWM Pro trainer app will include a feature that turns your timeline into an editable to-do list. Testers are loving it!

Watch the video to see how it works, and remember that our developers need to enable it for each trainer who wants to use it. Interested in getting started? Email

The Feature You Need to Organize Your Workflow

Looking for ways to stay organized and efficient? Check out our newest feature that lets you edit your timeline so it doubles as a customizable to-do list.

Interested in giving it a try? Email and we'll enable it for you.

New! Check Out Our Client Support Website

Do your clients have questions about how to use TrainWithMe? Maybe they want to know more about streaks? Daily Summaries? Tech support? We've got answers!

Get the link here.

Brainstorm Session: Ideas for Using Special Requests

We've talked a lot about WHY it's important to use special requests, but have you thought about HOW to use them in your messages and programs?

You'll want to listen in to this video for some ideas!

The Feature You Can't Afford to Ignore: Special Requests

Have you tried using special requests yet? If you're not sure exactly why they're so important, click play.

You're going to want to hear this message about why they're critical to your clients' success!

Adding Special Request Messages to Programs

You're not going to want to miss this demo, where we talk about what kind of special requests to add to your programs, how to schedule them, and why special requests belong in every program. Yes, all of them!

If you're not using special request messages in your programs, TODAY is the day to start.

How Your Clients Respond to Special Requests

It's part two of our deep dive on special requests, and today we're going to show you how your clients can respond to these messages.

Click play for a demo!

How to Send a Special Request Message

Since we're getting lots of great feedback on our new special request feature, we'll be sharing how-to's, tips and ideas on how to use them to engage your clients.

To begin, we've got a video on how to send a special request message. Keep watching for more ideas over the next few weeks!

New! Enhanced Web Messaging

It's easier than ever to send client messages on the web using our new + button. You'll find the button in the left navigation of the web portal.

Even better, Special Requests are part of the new web messaging feature, and they're a game changer for driving client accountability and success.

Be sure to watch the video for more on web messaging, and click the link below for more on special requests.

Syncing Fitbit Data with Apple HealthKit and TrainWithMe

Activity trackers are the perfect compliment to your clients' TrainWithMe service, but syncing data isn't easy, and that can be very frustrating.

We understand, and we want to help you AND your clients. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide to Fitbit syncing.

Grab all the details here!

Now Introducing: Special Requests!

You succeed when your clients succeed, so we've launched new communication features designed to improve client motivation, accountability, and success.

When you need to stimulate communication to help your clients achieve their goals, you can use our new Special Request feature to let your clients know that their responses are important.

Improved Uploading

When your clients send you videos (a key part of our new special request feature), they need to know that their videos upload successfully. That's not always straightforward since the internet isn't always reliable, especially when your clients are uploading videos on their mobile phones.

That's why we've perfected our large file uploading.

Now, your clients can feel comfortable knowing that you've received their videos. And you can feel good knowing your trainer-client communication tools work effectively so you can assess client progress WITHOUT providing tech support.

Build Your Personal Training Business

Looking for ways to build your business during the pandemic? We've got some ideas:

(-) Work on marketing your business so new clients are ready to hire you when social distancing guidelines relax. The American Council on Exercise has 10 strategies listed in the article linked below.

(-) Take your business online! Click the Sign Up link in the left sidebar to create an account, and use our quick start guide to learn how you can start today. There has never been a better time!

What's New? TrainWithMe For Communities!

Does your community need a timeline-based, social website and a custom-branded app that delivers online workouts and personal training, content, messaging, nutrition accountability, and more?

It's not just about workouts. And it's not just about delivering content either. It's about connecting with your members, and building a warm, engaged community.

We've built a one-of-a-kind platform, and it's available NOW. Contact us for more details!

How Can Fitness Professionals Help Protect Against COVID-19?

"Regular exercise may reduce the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a major cause of death in patients with the COVID-19 virus, a top exercise researcher reports."

So how can you help? Keep your clients moving. It's more important now than ever before.

Read the article linked below for full details.

Take Your Fitness Business Online

TrainWithMe is an online personal training platform that connects personal trainers to a worldwide audience of potential clients.

It's a Game Changer!

"The flexibility to use TrainWithMe's innovative and exclusive Programs tool to pre-plan is a game changer. By programming my clients' workouts in advance and dedicating just a few minutes each day to client communication, I can take time off for other work opportunities, marketing, family time, and vacations while maintaining meaningful connections with each and every client. Programs also enables me to offer effortless free trials that help build my TWM business. Being able to give trials without sacrificing an hour of pay is freeing! I've had the privilege of bringing several trainers into the TWM family and it's truly inspiring to be a part of helping build other trainers' careers. It feels incredible knowing that I'm ahead of the game as online fitness boom takes off!"


Let Us Help You Earn More Money

Increase your income without spending a lot of time (or even leave your house). You determine your service offerings, pricing and client load. TrainWithMe will be by your side to help find new clients, convert those clients to happy paying customers and build your training business.