Earn More Money

Increase your income without spending a lot of time (or even leave your house). You determine your service offerings, pricing and client load. TrainWithMe will be by your side to help find new clients, convert those clients to happy paying customers and build your training business.

Worldwide Client Access

You can keep your current clients while gaining worldwide access to new clients you've never been able to reach with traditional in-person training. TrainWithMe opens up a whole new world of personal training opportunity!

Easy Payments

You won't miss negotiating prices and collecting fees from clients. Just set your daily, weekly, monthly and annual subscription fees. The app collects the payments for you, safely and securely.

Unmatched Time Efficiency

Spending less time developing workouts means you can charge reasonable subscription fees, maintain and RETAIN a larger client base and earn a lot more money. You'll love the financial freedom!

Join the Online Fitness Revolution

Online fitness is a growing phenomenon. Specialty fitness apps are gaining popularity by the day because they are easier to access and less expensive than gym memberships and personal training. Getting on board with TrainWithMe now means you won't be behind the curve as the fitness world shifts.

Team TWM

As a TWM Trainer, you will have an entire team developing the product, building the features that leverage your unique strengths and providing support that helps you build your business and achieve success.

Meaningful Client Relationships

Chat allows you to connect with your clients more often, and research shows that clients who chat with their trainers are 90% more likely to continue their training relationships. What does that mean for you? More long-term clients, more long-term income and more long-term success.

Get Results

Your clients will have workouts they can literally hold in the palms of their hands, workouts that they can do anywhere, and communication that will keep them feeling connected to you.

You will be able to provide motivation to help keep clients engaged and consistent. This means your clients will see results, which keeps them happy and loyal and keeps you employed. It's a true win-win.