Getting Started
We've designed TrainWithMe to deliver a personalized client experience that makes your clients feel as if you're there with them, even when you're not.

That's why before you can begin working with clients, you'll need to:

(-) Record exercise videos (or import videos from our complimentary exercise library)
(-) Record audio cues
(-) Build workouts
(-) Create subscription plans
(-) Set up payment processing services
(-) Invite clients to sign up for trials and subscriptions

We've boiled it down to an eight-step process, and our quick start guide will walk you through each step.

Let's get started!

Step One: Upload Exercise Videos
Before you can build workouts, you'll need to upload your exercise videos to your exercise library.
Step Two: Recording Countdown + Standard Audio Cues
Countdown and standard audio cues guide your clients through their workouts. You only have to record them once, and then you're done.

Once you get started, you'll be finished in no time! Here's how it works.
Step Three: Recording Exercise Names
These audio cues announce the name of the exercise your client is about to begin. Just like the countdown and standard cues, you can record them once and you're done.

Our intelligent technology will play then automatically when you assign the coordinating exercise in a workout.
Step Four: The Audio Wizard and Cue Manager
The audio wizard walks you through the process of recording instructional cues, and it's the secret behind offering a very personalized client experience.

Once you've recorded 4-6 cues for each exercise, you're done! Your clients won't get bored because the wizard intelligently incorporates these cues into each workout, so they won't have to listen to the same cue when an exercise is repeated.

These cues may address proper form, the purpose of the exercise, options for modification, and motivation. Don't be shy! When you infuse your personality into your cues, the experience is a lot more fun for your clients.
Step Five: Building Workouts in the App
It's a drag-and-drop process, and you'll be amazed at how simple it is!
Step Six: Creating Subscription Plans
Ready to invite clients to train? You'll need to create subscription plans first.

The process is simple and super flexible. The hardest part? Deciding what you want to offer, especially since the possibilities are endless.

Let's get started!
Step Seven: Setting Up Your Payment Processing
One of the best things about online training is that payments are safe and simple. Setting up your bank account for payment processing is also very easy.

You'll want to do this before you invite clients to sign up for a plan, and we're going to walk you through the process now.
Step Eight: Inviting Clients to Sign Up
Once you've created subscription plans, it's easy to invite clients to sign up for a plan.

It's so quick, in fact, our video will only take 38 seconds to watch!
What's Next?
If our Quick Start Guide leaves you with more questions, don't worry! When you create an account and then download the TWM Pro app, you'll find a Learn section in the bottom navigation.

It has an entire library of tutorials to help you build your TrainWithMe business. And if you still have questions, use the Contact Us option to email us!