Build Workouts Featuring YOUR Exercise Videos

As soon as you create an account, it's time to start building your exercise library.

Why? So your clients will see YOU each time they work out. That way, your service is personalized, and your clients will feel your presence, even when you're not there.

We offer unlimited storage, and the process is easy. Just record and upload thirty second clips of each exercise you plan to assign to clients, and use our super-fast uploading technology to build your library.

BodyEvolver Client Goal Tracking

Helping your clients set goals is easy.

Once they've achieved their goals, though, maintaining their success can be very hard. And that's when progress can go in reverse.

That's why we've partnered with BodyEvolver to offer lifetime body measurement tracking. When your clients are accountable for maintaining their hard work, they achieve long-term success, and their investment in personal training really pays off.

THAT kind of success is priceless.

BodyEvolver is a premium feature that we can enable for you. Contact Us for more on getting started!

The Power of Workout Programs

Got ten minutes? Then you have time to build a one-month workout program AND assign it to clients.

That means you'll have more free time to build your business, or maybe even take a vacation without sacrificing pay.

Watch for more!

Your Audio Cues. Your Voice. For Your Client.

When your clients start their TrainWithMe workouts, they'll hear your voice.

How? Because our technology enables you to record your own workout cues. And that means your clients feel like you're by their side while they work out.

Not only that, but our intelligent cue manager rotates your cues so your client never needs to hear the same cue in one workout, and they'll never feel bored.

Quick Start Your Exercise Library

Can't find the time to record your own exercises videos right now? We've got your back!

TrainWithMe offers over 1,000 exercise videos that you can import into your library so you can get started fast.

Our Audio Wizard will guide you through the process of recording your personalized audio cues so your clients will still hear your voice, and you'll be ready to send workouts in no time!

Drag-and-Drop to Build Workouts

Once you've built your exercise library, you're ready to build workouts.

It's as simple as naming a template, then dragging and dropping exercises into that template.

You can assign client workouts daily or even months in advance. It's the ultimate convenience, and it involves no travel-time.

Flexible Subscription Plans

With TrainWithMe, you'll have full control over subscription plans.

That means you can set your own pricing, billing frequency, free trials and more. Not only that, but you can upgrade or modify client plans with the click of a button.

Guarantee Improved Form With Our Movement Illustrator

One of the biggest client concerns about online training? Improper form. But when you're working with TrainWithMe, you can tell your clients that you've solved that problem.

Our innovative Movement Illustrator enables you to assign extremely personalized exercises based a client's individual muscular strength/balance and to clearly define proper form.

Continued use of the Movement Illustrator demonstrates a client's progress on day one versus today, offering visible validation of your hands-on guidance.

Secure Payments That Work For You

Let's be real. Payments are important. And making sure they're secure and reliable is VERY important.

We've partnered with Stripe, an industry payment processing leader, to make sure you can track client payments received, refunds, and all financial transactions.

When your payments process, you'll notice that Stripe retains 2.9% of each transaction. This is the fee they charge our trainers for payment processing.

And since the app collects payments, you can forget about the hassle of negotiating fees and collecting payments from clients.