Online Training. Reinvented.

There's a perception out there that without face-to-face interactions, online personal training is cumbersome, and that it can't really be all that personal.

But now, that's simply not true.

Why? Because when we started building this technology, trainers told us that online training is hard, and it's a juggle.

We knew we could only be successful if we made it possible for our trainers could be successful, so we took on the task of reinventing online training.

How Is TrainWithMe Different?

If your clients really just wanted online workouts, they could get them anywhere. And they could get them for FREE.

But your clients want more than just workouts. They want (and need) accountability and motivation.

That's why TrainWithMe developed a communication-focused platform.

We offer the tools you need to give your clients the motivation and accountability they need. When you work with TrainWithMe, your online fitness services feel personal and meaningful, and your clients respond.

We're About So Much More Than Just Delivering Workouts

We know your clients need motivation and accountability to succeed. We also know that when it's EASY for you to keep them motivated and accountable, your clients achieve their goals.

The result? Your clients win, you win, and TrainWithMe wins too. We ALL succeed.

So we've developed the communication and messaging tools you need to offer that kind of support. Best of all, our trainers and their clients say TrainWithMe works, and their reviews back that up.

Be There, Even When It's Not In Person

TrainWithMe is hyper-personalized, so your clients feel your presence, even when you can't be there in person.

When you start your TrainWithMe business, you have the option to record your own, personalized exercise videos. You'll also record audio cues and send audio messages.

That means each time your clients open up a workout, they see your face and they hear your voice.

And the real bottom line: even when you're not by their side, they still feel a personal interaction, and that results in connections that build loyalty.

That Makes Sense. What Else Does TrainWithMe Offer?

There's efficiency, so you can train more clients in far less time than you ever thought possible.

Once you've developed your key workout programs, those training plans can pratically run on auto-pilot. You can focus on supporting your clients so they'll stick with you for the long run.

Best of all, since you can work efficiently and maximize capacity, you can charge affordable rates (that make your clients very happy) and STILL make great profits.

There's Also Complete Flexibility

And that means you can run your business the way YOU want to. You have full control of your:

(-) Subscription plans
(-) Pricing
(-) Services and offerings
(-) Payments
(-) Trials
(-) Credit card requirements

You can offer online training only, or you can offer combination online and in-person training programs.

Price your subscription plans at $100/month, $1,000/month, or more. Offer add-on services, like FaceTime consults and other one-time services, or whatever you like.

It's your business, and you can determine what makes sense for you and your clients.

What Does It Cost?

Like any gracious host, we want to welcome you to our platform, so our product suite is currently freemium.

We also offer some premium services, like consultative marketing, to help you get new clients for both in-person and online training via TrainWithMe websites. Service costs depend on the level of services you choose.

We meant it when we said that when YOU succeed, WE succeed.

We're all in this together. We built the dream online training platform, and we want you to be a part of our team.

Tell Me More About Premium Features

(-) Your App Branded Your Way: incorporate your logo into your client app, so your client gets a branded feel, while you pay a fraction of the price that a custom-built app would cost.

(-) Marketing Services: we'll help you get new clients for both in-person and online training via TrainWithMe websites. Service costs depend on the level of services you choose.

(-) BodyEvolver: help clients set goals and stick to them long term! This product tracks client body measurements over time so your clients maintain the motivation they need to stay on track.

(-) TrainWithMe's Gym Platform: get a custom-built website, a website editor so your team can post and edit content, and our Your App Branded Your Way branded app services.

If you're interested in getting started with any of these, reach out to Marci at We'll be glad to share pricing based on your needs.

Let's Get Started!

Now you know our story and what makes us different.

You know that our mission is to empower trainers by offering complimentary access to a full-service product.

And you know that we're ready to build our team of trainers.

If you're ready to get started, it's as simple as clicking Sign Up in the left sidebar. Create an account, follow the prompts to download the TWM Pro app, then sign in and get started!

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not?