Started at about 20 push-ups and now up to 40

Using the TrainWithMe app has been really great. I've been doing the push-up challenge for a few months. Started at about 20 push-ups, now up to about 40. I even had one night where it was 11:30pm, I was laying in bed and realized I didn't do my push-ups. It got me out of bed to go do my push-ups.
Challenge participant

Brings me consistency and discipline

The TrainWithMe app encourages me to do my best... it brings me consistency and discipline. I don't want to miss any day of push-ups... Thank you guys for this incredible app! 
Challenge participant

This program works for me

I really don't like doing push-ups at all... but what I don't like doing either is having to pay money if I don't do my push-ups... This nice little app keeps me motivated to do my push-ups even when I'm tired and cranky. This program works for me.
Challenge participant

A no-brainer if you're looking to grow your fitness business

TrainWithMe built a website that brings in 10x more leads than our previous website. I didn't realize that was possible.

Even better, they enabled my dream of putting our Fast Track process online. Check it out, it's amazing!

I catch up with them each week to review performance and make improvements. It's really helping us develop a marketing process that actually works.
Travis Barnes
Owner, Journey Fitness 333

I get my push-ups in every day

The app is keeping me motivated, I get my push-ups in every day... Seeing some results from it – good stuff!
Challenge participant

Helped me be a better runner

I certainly saw not only an improvement in my push-ups, but really more noticeably improvements in all the rest of my workout... it actually even helped me be a better runner.
Challenge participant

Keeps me on track with fitness and nutrition

I've seen unbelievable benefits from the push-up challenge. First of all, I am stronger and feel better. In addition, I get these little mini workouts that I can do in 5-10 minutes a day... It keeps me on track with my fitness and nutrition.
Challenge participant

On the cutting edge of a big change in fitness

TrainWIthMe implements digital marketing in new ways to help us attract leads who are ready to buy.

They converted our previously low-traffic website to a tool that generates business so we can thrive and support our clients at the same time.

It's a privilege to work with this team who is taking fitness technology to the next level.
Coach Ricardo
Coach at Journey Fitness 333

Marketing that gets clients ready to buy

I love TrainWithMe's Visual Body Planner.

Based on three decades of research and training experience, I've learned that the right way to start a training relationship is by understanding the clients' data of where they're at and their goals.

TrainWithMe delivers leads with their health metrics and their goals, making it easy to create a plan that's a perfect personalized fit for them in my first call.

It makes selling high value fitness plans easier than ever before.
Mike D'Angelo
Personal trainer

Creative ideas that help me sign premium clients

The TrainWithMe team has a unique combination of technology and marketing capabilities that I needed to attract my target audience on LinkedIn.

I'm making more money per hour and delivering better outcomes for my clients using TrainWithMe.
Jason Joyce
Owner, Jason Joyce Fitness

I love seeing my progress

Two months ago I hadn't done a push-ups in almost a year. In a couple of days I started doing push-ups on my knees, and then I was doing up to 20, 30, 40 push-ups a day... All because I was held accountable.
Challenge Participant

I would highly recommend the TrainWithMe app

When I first started I was struggling to do 15 push-ups at a time, and now I'm up to 35 to 40... I feel stronger and better about myself.
Challenge participant

It has done wonders for our marriage

Before the TrainWithMe app, my husband was a total weakling and never worked out. Now he is committed to doing 15 to 30 or 40 push-ups every day... His arms are strong and muscular and it has done wonders for our marriage.
Frank's wife


The push-up challenge is awesome. I always had a lot of trouble sticking to a workout routine, but with the push-up challenge I'm doing it almost every day... It's motivating because you see everybody doing push-ups.
Challenge Participant

The rocket fuel you need to bring home six figures

TrainWithMe was the rocket fuel I needed to accelerate a six-figure personal training income by age 23.

The team is responsive, hard working, and always improving the product. TrainWithMe is better than any other training platform you'll find out there.
Cienna Jade
Personal trainer

I'm doing push-ups every day

Don't know if it's because of the accountability... or the competitive camaraderie of watching other people do push-ups, but I'm doing it every day. I'm feeling better and I'm even running better because of it!
Challenge participant

I have guns again!

I just want to thank the TrainWithme Push-up challenge for getting me going after all these years.... I have guns again! I really appreciate the motivation... it's awesome and I look forward to doing it every single day.
Challenge participant

I've been doing my exercises every day, even in paradise

I've been using the TrainWithMe app for several months now. It's been a great help for me, keeps me on my toes. I've been doing my exercises every day, even in paradise... It's a well developed app, great interface... Good job guys!
Challenge participant

Your app is fantastic

Your app is fantastic. I'm just an old guy trying to get to my goal of 100 consecutive push-ups. And the best part of this whole experience is seeing my son doing this alongside me. Thanks and keep it up!
Challenge participant

I feel awesome from doing just a few push-ups every day

I've been a personal trainer for over 30 years and I've never done push-ups every day until I joined the TrainWithMe Push-up Challenge. And I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by how awesome I feel from doing just a few push-ups every day!
Mike D'Angelo
Personal trainer and challenge participant

The support I needed to meet and retain clients

The TrainWithMe team introduced me to some great clients who I've retained for years.

They understand how to match me with the right leads who value my services. That's helped me develop deeper, more personal relationships and keep my clients for the long term so I can spend more time training and less time selling.
Mara Machado
Personal trainer