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Visual Body Planner Report

Launch your own push-up challenge

Build a fun, thriving community

Our push-up challenge blends fun, health, and education, ensuring a rewarding experience for all!

Foster a sense of mutual accountability among your group. Motivate everyone to stay committed to their goals with a daily fee (that you determine) for missed push-ups.

Build your own community to support each other's fitness journey.
Build landing pages quickly

Personal training for your fitness business

You may have followers, but do you have a reliable way to reel them in once they visit your website?

Our software and services are like the fisherman's net you need convert those leads to paid clients.

Count on us to be all in, turning your website from a cost center into a personal sales rep, and working closely with you until your new setup hums like a jam-packed gym.

Website development services

We'll start by:
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Auditing your current website and social media content
  • Helping you create new sales-optimized content
Then we'll use that content to design and build your ideal website, complete with targeted offers designed to bring hot leads to you.
Web builder and hosting

Web builder and hosting

Are you more the DIY type? Our fast, easy website builder creates landing pages and websites that can scale from one page to 1000+ pages.
  • Option to get your own domain name
  • All the tools you need to build sales funnels
  • Hosting that's fast, reliable, and secure

Lead generation services

Weekly strategy sessions to:
  • Design lead magnets that fuel your sales funnel
  • Develop technology that makes your sales vision a reality
Lead generation services
BodyEvolver retention technology

BodyEvolver sales & retention technology

In just minutes map out the steps required for clients to achieve their personal goals based on their specific health metrics.  

Once clients understand the big picture and the plan, they buy in, take action and make it happen.

Fitness roadmaps that sell plans and retain long-term clients

Enter you client's baseline data and get a science-based plan that includes:
  • Individualized macro nutrition guidelines
  • Week-by-week strength and cardio plan
  • A timeline for achieving their goal
Measure and track your clients' body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, metabolic rate, inches lost and more over time to show progress that goes way beyond the scale.
Clients with a BodyEvolver-based training program maintain their paid plans for 5X longer than clients without one. -
Traditional program
Program with
5 mo.
15 mo.
25 mo.

How goal-setting sales & retention tools work

Start with a simple body comp report and set nutrition, cardio & strength goals. Get your client's personalized fitness & nutrition plan complete with:
  • Individualized macro nutrition
  • Week-by-week strength & cardio plan
  • Weekly weight change
  • Weeks and days to goal
  • Expected goal date
  • Accountability guidelines
It educates your clients about how the three components come together so they're motivated to make the behavior change and, with your support, stick with it.

Schedule 10-minute, 6 week check-ins to reassess/establish new goals and that's where the retention kicks in.

It's a true win-win that simplifies accountability and keeps your clients training & your business healthy.
Build landing pages quickly

Automated reviews that sell your services

What if monthly client retention check-ins turned into a sales tool that brings in new leads? We can make that happen.

The moment a body comp improves, we'll automatically email your client a short, compelling Google review request.

This matters because:
  • It's the exact moment your clients want to leave a 5-star review
  • Reviews give you Google credibility and move you so to the top of local searches  
Our clients have experienced up to an 80% increase in Google reviews and a jump to the top of local Google search results to maximize local client leads with zero extra effort.

Communication and training platform

A beautiful app and web platform with guided audio and video workouts, communication that retains, program planning, payment processing, and much more.
TrainWithMe client app

Can't I just post free workouts to get new clients?

Search around, and you'll find more free workouts than you'll find clients. Old strategies just don't work anymore.

Prof Q has insight on why digital marketing is a key to nurturing leads through the buyer's journey.

Curious to see what this all looks like?

Check out our lead magnet that doubles fitness industry sales standards.

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