Are Massage Guns Worth The Hype?
Jason Joyce
are massage guns worth the hype
Surely you’ve seen a massage gun (think Hypervolt, Theragun, etc.) since they’re a hot item now. You may have considered buying one, and you’ve likely wondered if they’re a good investment.

A quick google search reveals lots of relevant information, but I’m going to give you a visual of how they can be strategically used to prevent pain and injury so you can decide if a massage gun is right for you.

What does a massage gun do?

I recommend massage guns to help my clients achieve a myofascial release. Now I know that’s trainer/PT jargon, but here’s what it means.

We all have connective tissue that can crumble up like a bed sheet. That prevents our muscles from lengthening when we stretch.

Using a massage gun to promote myofascial release relaxes your connective tissue to help you achieve an effective stretch.
I hear you asking, “Jason, is that really important? Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but sometimes I skip my stretching...”

Short answer: Yes, it’s important!

Here’s why: imagine your leg muscle as a tiny rubber band. When you bend over to grab something, it’s going to snap. That leads to pain and injury, which you don’t want to deal with. Trust me on that!

If you need to lengthen your muscles to prevent snapping from everyday activities like bending and reaching, implementing a massage gun + stretching routine to increase your range of motion is the most effective solution. Done properly, this routine minimizes your risk of injury and prevents pain, which is a very good thing.
Jason, what’s the best way to know how to use my massage gun properly?

I use a series of simple movement tests based on a system called FMS (Functional Movement Systems) to identify my clients' imbalances and risk factors.

Identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses means I can build highly customized routines that use massage guns when they’re necessary, and skip them where they may do more harm than good.

If you’re working with a trainer who suggests using a massage gun without evaluating your needs, beware. These suggestions are based on guesswork.

So you see, massage guns may help, but there is science behind determining how and when to use them effectively. The best way to identify your personal needs is by working with a trainer who has expertise in FMS.

Unfortunately, a lot of trainers lie to sell their services, so I know it’s not always easy to identify an honest trainer with the expertise you need. That’s why I offer a free assessment to help get you started. There are no strings attached, and it’s the best way to identify the right training and recovery tactics.
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