Fitness Digest

5 Reasons Not to Ignore Stretching and Self-care

It's important not to ignore stretching, hydration, good nutrition, and proper training when you want to achieve your fitness goals quickly, and here’s why.

3 Tips To Help You Jumpstart A New Fitness Routine

Struggling to start an exercise routine? I’ve trained hundreds of clients, and these three tips prove to be the most helpful ones to set you up for success.

5 Common Personal Trainer Lies

I’m a trainer who doesn’t lie, and here are my 5 best tips for identifying a bad personal trainer who isn’t being honest with you.

Don’t Sign Up For A Personal Training Plan Without This!

The most effective personal training plans begin with a session designed to customize your workouts + prevent pain and injury. Don’t train until you read this!

How To Track Fitness Progress When You Want To Toss Your Scale

Scales lie, so why not say goodbye to them and use body composition tracking to measure your progress more accurately? Here’s how to get started!

5 Simple Changes To Eliminate Neck Pain Today

Many people suffer from chronic neck pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve got the 5 strategies you need to prevent neck pain before it starts!

Are Massage Guns Worth The Hype?

Massage guns are hot right now, but are they a good investment? Can they help prevent pain + injury? Let’s determine if it would be effective for you!

4 Ways The Right Technology Maximizes Corporate Fitness ROI

The best corporate fitness plans leverage technology to reach the hybrid workforce at the most personal level. Maximize your ROI with these 4 strategies!

3 Critical Components of Corporate Fitness Plans That Work

Want to maximize ROI and participation in your company’s corporate fitness plan? Don’t miss these three critical factors!

The Most Important Form Tip To Prevents Big Fitness Injuries

The pelvic tilt is a simple adjustment to your exercise form that prevents injury and speeds fitness progress. Grab my tips on mastering it here! 

Don’t Do One More Push Up Or Bridge Until You Master This Move

Push ups and glute bridges are safer and more effective when you’ve perfected your form by incorporating the pelvic tilt. Grab my video demo here!