Corporate Fitness Programs Tailored To Your Exact Needs

Thinking about launching a corporate fitness plan? Don't get started without meeting TrainWithMe co-founder and corporate fitness expert Colin Comee. 

Colin builds highly customized corporate and residential fitness plans with simple pricing, and his team of highly qualified trainers uses a combination of in-person and online services to reach each employee on the most personal level. 

The Best Corporate Fitness Plan Is The One That Drives Participation

Hi, I'm Colin Comee. I've been designing and managing custom corporate and residential fitness programs for 10 years, so I know quite a bit about designing plans based on a company's unique needs and delivering top-notch services.

I could go on and on about the ROI of corporate wellness programs, but I won't because you've already heard that. 

The best corporate wellness programs deliver ROI not only by improving your bottom line, but also by keeping your employees interested and involved.

Delivering programs that drive extraordinary engagement and participation is one of the most important differences in my plans and the rest. 
I work with a team of trainers and specialists who deliver services that help your employees feel better, like pain relief and ergonomics, in addition to traditional fitness.

Our services are available both in person and online so they're easily accessible, and we use the very best consumer-focused fitness platform so your employees will WANT to participate because it's fun and personal.

Our technology focuses on communication, so even when we're not face-to-face, your employees feel one-on-one connections with our trainers, and those relationships make all the difference.

What Makes Our Program Different?

A Solid Commitment

Here's my commitment to you: I'll evaluate employee participation every week. I'll work with your HR team to adjust your program for maximum participation. I'm 100% focused on doing everything possible to make your company's program really work for your employees.

Daily Communication

My team of trainers uses technology that enables daily communication, which builds trusted relationships, leaves employees feeling cared for on an individual level, and maximizes participation.

A Focus On Ergonomics And Workplace Productivity

My team of specialists creates fitness programs designed to optimize ergonomics and relieve pain associated with desk jobs. This proves to be the best way to improve employee productivity and minimize sick days/workers compensation claims. 

Highly Personalized Support

Daily trainer messaging, in-person classes, weekly trainer office hours, and audio and video messaging means your employees always feel connected and accountable.

Unbeatable Variety

My team of trainers can deliver a full array of in-person classes, online and in-person training, in-person and online pain-relief programs, and quick movement challenges. I'll personally work with you to create an ideal schedule designed to help your employees feel their best and stay active, even if classes don't fit their schedules.

Simple Pricing 

Pay only for the services you need, with plans that fit every budget.

How Technology Develops Next Level Personal Relationships

Mobile Accessibility

Our online workouts and communication are delivered via the highly rated TrainWithMe iOS app. Thousands of users love our app and hundreds of users have given us 5-star ratings in the App Store.

Beautiful Web Access

Easy-to-use desktop access to the TrainWithMe platform gives your employees access to personal training plans, pain-relief programs, and movement breaks anytime, from anywhere.


We offer a full variety of workout lengths and styles so your employees can always find what they need, when they need it, even if full length classes don't fit into their schedules.

One-Of-A-Kind Online Guided Workouts 

Our online workouts and stretching routines offer audio and video guidance so your employees can see and hear the cues they need to stay motivated and use proper form. Multiple feedback options mean our trainers always know what works, what doesn't, and can provide support when and where it's needed. 

Personal Support

My team offers options for weekly trainer office hours, hosted on Zoom or by private instant messaging, so employees can submit questions to all health, fitness, nutrition, and pain relief questions and get quick responses. Audio and video messaging makes our instant messaging feel very personal. 

Daily Trainer-Client Communication

Your employees can message trainers with questions and our trainers can reach out with health and fitness education on a daily basis. Regular communication builds trusted relationships and keeps employees motivated to participate.

Let's Build A Corporate Fitness Program For Your Company!

Your strategy session is free, even if you're not ready to commit to a plan yet. There are no strings attached!
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-Colin Comee
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