5 Reasons Not To Ignore Stretching and Self-Care
Cienna Jade
Do you ever feel like there’s no time for a stretch? Or maybe pushing extra hard today will get you to your goals faster?

The thing is, quicker isn’t always better. That’s easier said than done, I know, but reaching your goals means taking time for preventative measures to prevent your pain. It’s as simple as that.

What does that mean? When you’re tempted to add an extra 50 pounds in that single set of your workout, consider the consequences if you’re in lots of pain tomorrow.

When your cool down feels like wasted time, think about the potential pain caused by not giving your muscles the opportunity to properly recover.

Yes, it’s hard to take the time to warm up, work out, cool down, eat right, stay hydrated, be mindful, and all of those things.

But it’s even harder to heal when we push ourselves too far and don’t listen to our bodies BEFORE we feel tired, achey, or injured.

I’ve trained hundreds of clients, so I know that it’s easy to ignore self-care. But I also know that a comprehensive plan is what’s going to get you to your goals, so here are my top 5 self-care tips:
cienna jade stretching
Tip 1: Don’t skip your warm ups and cool downs. Stretching minimizes muscle fatigue so you’re ready for tomorrow’s workout.
listen to your body
Tip 2: Listen to your body. If you need a break, take it! Just commit to getting back on track the next day.
mindful eating
Tip 3: Eat mindfully. You won’t get as much from your workouts if you fill up on junk, or if you don’t eat enough.
stay hydrated
Tip 4: Stay hydrated. It makes a big difference in performance, energy levels, and everything.
workouts should never hurt
Tip 5: Train for muscle fatigue, but not through pain. Your workouts should never hurt, and you shouldn’t hurt after your workout.
A simple way to start making progress is by incorporating self-care and stretching into your routine every day. You choose the time, the place, and everything else. All that matters is that you commit to doing it.

To help you get started, I’m sharing a quick stretch routine. It’s short, easy, and here for you 24/7!
Try the Quick Stretch Routine