3 Tips To Help You Jumpstart A New Fitness Routine
Cienna Jade
Seriously though. Don’t sit there looking like a deer in the headlights.

It’s time to quit waiting for the perfect time to start your health and fitness journey. There will never be a perfect time. I don’t want you looking back 30 days from now... 6 months from now... 5 years from now just wishing you put in the work today.

Real talk, though... I know it can be hard to start, so I’ve got some tips:
Body comp analysis
1. Start with a body composition analysis.
Why? Because it provides baseline data that’s so much more meaningful than the single number on the scale, like body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, resting metabolic rate, and BMI.

When you follow a fitness plan and measure body comp every 4 weeks, it’s so much easier to gauge success and celebrate your wins.
2. Find friends, or a like-minded community.
There’s so much more accountability, motivation, and support when you’re in this with friends. And when you’ve got the support you need, you’re much more likely to succeed.
3. Set small, achievable goals and a reward system.
Why small goals? Because they’re so much easier to achieve, and they allow you to celebrate success often. Why rewards? Because you’ll WANT to succeed if you have something to look forward to!
You’ve got this. You do. And I’m so sure of it that I’m going to help you get started with a free body composition analysis. All you have to do is fill out the form. Let’s go!
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