Semi-Private Training: 3 Reasons Why It's So Difficult To Get This Large Untapped Market Right

Help me put together a profitable program!

As fitness professionals, we all want to offer the best services and maximize revenue to keep our businesses growing. 

Since we're in the service business, when it comes to personal training, there's nothing as good as one-on-one. That means our revenue potential is limited by the number of clients we can serve, though...or does it? 

Enter semi-private training – the Goldilocks of the fitness world. It's not too hot and not too cold. For many of your clients, and for your bottom line, it can be just right.

Think about it – private training is great for one-on-one attention, but it can get pricey for some members. Group classes are fun and affordable, but it's tough to give everyone the individual attention they need. 

Semi-private training offers the best of both worlds – more personalized attention and the energy of a group workout. 

It's not as simple as just putting a few people in a room with a trainer, though. Semi-private training can be a bit tricky to get right.

With proper planning, it absolutely can be a huge profit center. I've seen it not only work, but thrive. 

That's why in a series of blogs, I'm going to walk you through the important parts of a successful program. 

Here are some things to consider before you dive in: 

  • Personalization: How do you keep the workout personalized for each member when there are multiple people in the room? It's a delicate balance making sure a trainer offers personal attention to all group members in a short window of time. They should be able to adjust the workout for each individual, making sure everyone gets what they need. 

  • Cannibalization: Will offering semi-private training take away from your private coaching business? Getting it right is a fine balance, but with careful consideration, you can price semi-private sessions differently from private coaching and position them as complementary options. 

  • Structure: How will you integrate semi-private training into your gym's offerings? Will it be a stand-alone class or an add-on to private coaching? Make sure to think this through so you can offer a clear and cohesive experience to your members. 

So, why should you add semi-private training to your gym? Because it can be a big profit center, and it can allow you to help more people. 

And who wouldn't want to be the most successful gym owner in town with the happiest, healthiest, and most well-rounded members? 

One last thing, don't forget to have fun with it! 

Workouts are supposed to be enjoyable, so make sure your semi-private sessions are lighthearted and energetic. The goal here: you want your members to feel like they're part of a fitness family that keeps them coming back.

Who knows, your members may even look forward to their semi-private sessions as much as they do their weekend plans!

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