Quadruple Personal Training Revenue With Complimentary Body Comps

Help me plan for healthy revenue & long-term success!

Since personal training services are your #1 profit center, engaging your training department for more sales, improved client retention and consistent client accountability is a BIG DEAL. 

Here's the trick to boost sales: start by offering complimentary body comps. 

Facilities that use body comp data to build personalized fitness plans boost sales and client satisfaction by actually helping their customers.

The time investment may seem counterintuitive, but the data shows it pays. Managing client data effectively can enhance client retention by 400%. 

The industry average for trainer/client engagement is 4 - 6 months, but would you believe that can be expanded to 2.1 years with the right strategy in place?

That's a major revenue boost.

How does collecting client data help you boost training sales? 

Shine Light And Build Relationships

Most clients are in the dark about how to address their health. 

Just look at the average human for proof that most people do not know how to think about their health, never mind what actions to take. That's where you come in. 

When you offer a free body comp and explain how to create an actionable fitness plan based on that data, you begin to build relationships based on trust. You may have to nurture that relationship (we'll talk more about that too), but getting it started is key to selling a training plan. 

Ground Client Prospects In Reality Without Judgment

Providing body comp data is like walking a client prospect to the starting line. Getting them there instantly helps you sell a reliable plan that will improve client accountability and follow up by 10x. 

Help People See Things They Did Not See Before

Body comps begin the client education process, giving prospects them the tools they need to make informed decisions. 

When you share the results, you open yourself up to explaining how your training plan can speed up behavior change, which is usually a big stumbling point without trainer support.

How To Make It Happen

None of this matters if you're not prepared with a plan to make it happen, so here are some tips:

  • Offer complimentary body comps and training plans as a membership perk
  • Set up a reminders for the front desk or personal training staff to follow up with new clients weekly until the body comp is scheduled
  • Follow up: schedule reminders to check in with all clients every three months to evaluate their progress. It helps gain their trust and eventually bring them in as personal training clients.

Offering free body comps for retention are just part of the equation when it comes to building a profitable fitness business.

Do you want to see the whole formula? The good news is that it's nothing magic, and anyone can do it.

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