The AI Future Is Here Now: Are You Prepared To Protect Your Fitness Business?

I want to make sure my business thrives in the future!

Artificial Intelligence is in the news a whole lot these days. It feels like a really big deal, like when the Internet first became a "thing," right?

But it's not a new conversation. I mean people have been warning us for years...since I was a kid...that computers would eventually take our jobs away.

I've been wondering, is that about to happen in fitness? That got me curious whether Chat GPT could really be an effective free, online personal trainer.

So I asked Chat GPT for a workout program. It was decent, but it left out some very important points on pushing your muscles to fatigue, and why that really matters in a goal-oriented workout program. 

I decided to put Chat GPT to the test and ask for details on how to choose weights properly and push to fatigue.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. In just seconds, Chat GPT provided some pretty good guidance.

And THAT got me thinking...I hope they don't integrate Chat GPT with those Boston Dynamic robots that do back flips. That combo really would take our jobs! Pretty incredible, and maybe even a little scary, all at the same time.

But then I started thinking about all the clients I've worked with, and my time as a gym owner, and I remembered that pretty much all the people I've worked with are with me for one very important reason.

They know what they need to do to reach their health goals, but they also know they'll never do it alone. Most have tried, and few have succeeded. 

They need motivation, accountability, and personal attention to succeed. 

They also need help measuring success in a way that goes beyond the number on the scale to prevent them from giving up when they think they understand what's happening, but they don't actually see the whole picture.

Bottom Line: The jury is still out on whether AI tools are going to replace trainers and gym owners, but I'm pretty sure if we focus on providing our clients with an amazing, personalized, holistic experience, we'll be alright. 

But the future we've been talking about since I was a kid is here now, and technology is evolving quickly. Are you prepared? 

This is the second time I experimented with Chat GPT...take a look at the workout program it created for me here. 

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