Semi-Private Training: The Secret To Offering Personalized Attention Without Sacrificing Efficiency

I want the not-so-magic formula to a profitable fitness business!

Okay gym owners, we know you got into this business because you love fitness, not because you love using computers to crunch numbers.

But if you want to double or even triple your personal training revenue, semi-private groups are the answer. 

Why? Because it's possible for you to train more people in less time. Semi-private training also comes at a lower cost to your clients and a higher overall hourly rate for you, so it's a true win-win.

It all sounds great, right? But don't jump in until you consider the factors that make semi-private training feel super-personal and valuable to your clients. That's critical to your success.

With semi-private training, some simple data tracking is key to delivering that personal feel.

You'll need a system. It doesn't have to be fancy, and you don't have to be a natural-born techie to figure out how to use it, either.

A system is going to help you monitor progress (or lack of it). It helps your client feel supported too because from the moment you start collecting data, they feel cared for and instantly more motivated. 

So what do we need to track? It's pretty simple:

  • Contact information  

  • Goals: why are they there? Mental health? Feel better? Lose fat? Gain muscle? This is critical to track because it's the "why" that helps you bring them back when they fall off track.

  • Body weight: weekly weigh-ins are important for accountability

  • Body comps: these should happen every 6-8 weeks

    The right system will help you:

    • Quickly and easily track client data each week

    • Evaluate how new measurements translate into progress (or loss of it)

    • Within a glance see who is succeeding and who is falling off track

    • Use that data to offer meaningful client engagement during your small group classes

      Bottom line: tracking data compensates for the lack of one-on-one intimacy when doing group training, and that can ultimately lead to greater success for both you and your clients.

      So don't be afraid to embrace a little number crunching, even if you're not that into math. 

      Your clients will appreciate the extra attention and care, and you might just find that you have a little more brain power left at the end of the day for your own workout. That's success!

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      Tracking client progress with a Client Goals Management System is one piece of our "Not-So-Magic" formula to a profitable fitness business. 

      This formula is critical to making sure you're not doing Random Acts of Marketing...or wasting resources on services that won't work. 

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