Website Design Matters: How To Maximize Client Leads By Moving Your Freebie Offer

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Today let's touch on a topic I bet you've never thought about much....why your freebie offer (also known as your lead magnet) should be at the very top of your homepage, and why it's important that your leads can see it without scrolling.

But first, let's define what a lead magnet is: a piece of content that you offer to potential customers in exchange for their contact information.  

Your lead magnet can be anything from a free e-book to a video tutorial, as long as it provides value to your target audience. The goal is to entice your leads to sign up for your email list, so you can continue to engage with them and ultimately convert them into paying customers. 

Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes of why a lead magnet should be in the hero section of your homepage. 

The hero section is the top portion of your homepage that's designed to immediately grab your visitor's attention. It's where you want to showcase your best content and make a strong first impression. 

If you place your lead magnet in the hero section, your leads won't have to go searching for it. They'll see it right away and be more likely to sign up for your email list. 

In fact, studies have shown that placing a lead magnet in the hero section can increase conversions by up to 300%! 

On the other hand, if you place your lead magnet below the fold, where your leads have to scroll to see it, you're making it harder for them to find and less likely that they'll sign up. 

Let's face it, most people don't have the patience to scroll through an entire homepage before deciding whether or not to sign up for something. 

To drive this point home, here's a way to think about it: did you know that the average person spends six months of their life waiting for red lights to turn green? That's a lot of wasted time, and most of us find that pretty annoying. 

Don't be annoying and make your leads waste their time scrolling down your homepage to find your lead magnet. Place it at the very top of your homepage, in the hero section, and give them more time to do things they actually enjoy, like working out or watching cat videos on YouTube. ;) 

Bottom Line: placing your lead magnet in the hero section of your homepage is a smart move that can increase conversions and ultimately boost your revenue. Don't make your leads work for it - make it easy for them to sign up and engage with your brand. 

Your leads will thank you, and your wallet will too. 

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