The Power of a Name: Why Knowing Your Clients' Names Matters and 6 Tips to Start Using Them Regularly

Yes! I want more tips on making my clients feel welcome.

Hey you! Yeah, you.

Wouldn't you feel special if I called you out by name? 

Of course you would, which is why today we're talking about the importance of your clients' names.

We talk a lot about client retention, and knowing your clients names all comes down to keeping your clients happy so you can keep your membership thriving. 

Why Is It Important?

  • It's the beginning of building the "know, like, and trust" factor, which is critical to your success as a small business owner.

  • Right now, many people are coming to the gym to improve mental health and be part of a community. Being recognized by name is a huge part of making them happy in YOUR community.

  • Clients who are happy tend to stick around, and even refer their friends and family, which helps your business grow.

    How to Make It Happen

    • Educate your staff. Everyone who sees clients should learn their names. Don't forget desk staff, trainers, closing managers, fitness directors...everyone.

    • Say a client's name at least 3 times during a visit. The desk staff greets by name on the way in and the way out, and a trainer can say hi to clients on the floor.

    • Work with the 5/10 rule. If you're within 5 feet, greet a client by name. If you're within 10 feet, make eye contact and wave.

    • Repeat a client's name the first time you meet. It helps you remember.

    • Forgot someone's name? Ask. It's better than awkwardly walking around waiting for the moment you're embarrassed because you forgot.

    • When new clients join, call them at least 4 times: when you make the sale, and again at the 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day marks. They'll feel welcomed and you're more likely to remember their names and goals.

    Need more help remembering names? Use a technology system to keep up with names, goals, and more. Your clients will be very impressed and it makes client management so much easier!

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