Instagram vs. Blog: Which Is More Important?

6-figure fitness professionals are influencers on Instagram.

Or are they?

Many of us assume that lots of followers, or maybe a blue check, are key to success.

The counterintuitive truth: an active blog is equally or more important.

Your website belongs to you. It will ALWAYS be in your control.

Your Instagram account belongs to Instagram. An algorithm limits your visibility, and even worse, your account can be restricted or taken away.

According to AdEspresso by Hootsuite, average post engagement for business accounts is 0.96%, or 1 out of 100 followers. That means it's pretty tough to get much interaction with your content.

Don't get us wrong; social media is a very valuable tool, but posting can be a lot of work for minimal visibility, and that's why a blog should be your community hub.

Other considerations: your blog is a place where you can share long-lasting content. It cannot be taken away, and it does not need to be subject to trends.
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